Matthias Breiter is a renowned biologist and award-winning professional photographer/cinematographer, publisher and author. He has spent most of the past 30 years researching the daily lives and habits of bears, mostly focusing on grizzlies and polar bears.

He is deeply involved with conservation efforts involving the American and Canadian Arctic and Subarctic. Matthias is Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, Fellow of the legendary Explorer’s Club and founding member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP). He also works as an expert on National Geographic Society Arctic expeditions.

Matthias believes in making a difference by exposing people to the beauties and wonders of nature through photography, print, presentations and cinematography so that they may work for the preservation of such gifts for future generations. Scientifically, he continues to be involved with various research projects about bears.

His articles and photography have been published in numerous major magazines including National Geographic, GEO, BBC Wildlife, Canadian Geographic, Animan, Terre Sauvage, Outdoor Photographer.  Matthias has been a frequent lecturer at zoos and also the Smithsonian Institution about bear biology and bear conservation. He produced features and worked as a cinematographer for the National Geographic Society, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Channel, BBC, ARTE, WDR, BR and many other TV stations around the globe. He has hosted TV shows for Angry Planet, BR, Smithsonian Channel and ZDF. His documentary “Polar Bear Summer” which he produced for Smithsonian Channel has won numerous international awards and is currently nominated for an Emmy.

BreiterView Publishing:

BreiterView Publishing is the book publishing arm of BreiterView Inc.. Matthias Breiter has written and photographed numerous books for various publishers worldwide. In 2006, BreiterView Publishing was founded to produce and print books for corporate clients and publish special interest conservation publications.

BreiterView Productions:

Matthias Breiter has worked on numerous documentary projects in various capacity. In 2010 BreiterView production was created to create high quality conservation features for various clients including TV stations, conservation groups and government agencies.

Photographic Expeditions

Matthias Breiter offers special, high end photographic expeditions in cooperation with Ian Johnson Safaris:  http://www.ianjohnsonsafaris.com