Wild Alaska (ebook)

Wild Alaska is a breathtaking exploration of the entire state, covering it from the rain forests of the Panhandle to the windswept islands of the Bering Sea and to the Arctic plains in the far north. Both through images and words, this stunning and inspirational book pays respects to the states immense diversity in the land forms and in its wildlife. Wild Alaska is a celebration of the beauty of nature and a declaration of love for the state.

The pages of this book were printed on chlorine free paper made with 10% post-consumer waste, saving 6 fully grown trees, 2,677 gallons of water, 163 pounds of solid waste and 556 pounds of greenhouse gases. Printed in Canada.

Soft Cover, 256 pages, format 11.5×8.75 inches, weight 1307 grams
ISBN 978-0-9782432-1-0

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Wild Alaska (ebook)



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