Matthias Breiter has won numerous awards as an author. He has written books in English and German for some of the most distinguished publishers in the world, including: Frederking & Thaler, Bucher, Mondo Verlag, Tecklenborg Verlag, Kosmos Verlag, Firefly Books, Kangaroo Press, Simon & Schuster, Graphic Arts Publishing and National Geographic. His books focus on natural history topics, especially the lives of bears. Several of his titles have been translated into numerous languages, including Chinese and French. Matthias has also contributed both as a photographer and writer to many books worldwide.
Based on his success both as an author and photographer, he was commissioned to produce books as corporate gifts for global industry leaders. To satisfy these requests, he has founded BreiterView Publishing, which is a registered publishing house printing in North America according to highest environmental standards. Meanwhile, BreiterView Publishing has branched out to produce books for NGOs and government organizations, maintaining the highest quality. All these commissioned publications have highlighted environmental issues and have won multiple publishing awards.
Books are shipped within USA from Anchorage, Alaska, within Canada from Kenora, Ontario. Shipping overseas on special request only due to high shipping costs.

Due to COVID19 the ordering of physical books has been suspended.